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Best Mental & Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Khulna

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    Best Mental & Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Khulna

    We can read your thoughts about drug abusers.

    Can you read us?

    If your conception was negative then you never come here. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of us are not helpful to get back the drug abusers to their normal life. Most of the time we think he/she is different from other people.

    But we hardly think how to get back them into the stage where he/she was. However, we don’t know if you have such an individual in your family or not! It’s not important you have it or not, but this content is significant for you.

    This writing will give a complete guideline by which you can help others come back to their normal life from drug addiction.

    You should have known the answers to some questions on the topic of drug addiction and rehabilitation. And you also have to know the Best Mental & Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Khulna. Then you can expect the best solution.

    Let’s start.

    What is Drug Detox?

    Drug detoxification is the scientific method that an alcohol or drug abuser person has to go through. It is the first step you need to start. It is the process that kicks out all traces and elements of alcohol or drug from the body.

    Before starting the process you have to ensure your physical and mental fitness to start the detoxifying process. Some drugs are used to remove the intoxicants from the body which depends on the drugs you have taken.

    This process will be easy and comfortable for you if you can start drug detox in the best drug addiction and rehabilitation center. It is the primary reason to get admitted to a good drug detox center.

    What’s the Process of Detoxification?

    The detox processes might not be the same for all. It varies from person to person. We follow the following principal steps.

    History Taking and Evaluation of the Patient

    History is one of the most common things in all kinds of drug addiction and diseased person. We take the history at first and then we go for some blood tests to identify the drug nature and amount.

    The test result will tell us the medication’s level and its duration. It also helps us to choose the best drug that we will use to detoxify the intoxicants.

    Not done yet, it is also important to evaluate the abuser’s physical and mental condition to decide whether he/she is fit to start the process.

    Stabilizing the Patient

    Stabilization is also needed to prepare the patient to start the therapy. We do it with physiological and medical therapy. It is done to ensure minimal side effects and no harm to the body. You won’t expect fewer complications if you don’t stabilize the patient to start the detoxification process.

    Introduce into Treatment

    After ensuring previous steps we start the process of drug detoxification. For this reason, we always expect a good outcome and get also.

    What Are The Side Effects of Drug Detox

    You know the alcohol and intoxicants have short and long-term side effects on your body. The drugs start developing habituation gradually. After a particular period of time, your body adopts it.

    After that, if you start detoxification you will have some side effects. It’s very natural. The withdrawal symptoms depend on several factors such as what type of drug you’ve taken, how long the period was, how frequent, what was the dosages, and so on.

    Usually, the following effects are seen to develop.

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Shivering
    • Diarrhea
    • Headache
    • Muscle and bone pain
    • Anxiety
    • Irritability
    • Confusion
    • Insomnia
    • Mood swing
    • Depression
    • Delirium
    • Seizure
    • Hallucination

    You may have some other side effects other than the mentioned. Usually, these are the most common. It can be fatal also. But we always follow a safe method of detoxification process that produces minimal side effects.

    We do it with our experienced professional team. You know minimizing the side effects is almost impossible without an experienced professional.

    Are Detox Tapering the Same Thing?

    At this stage of this content, you have a basic idea about detox. But the word tapering is new to you, isn’t it? You know detox means removing the intoxicants from the body.

    On the other side, tapering means decreasing the drug amount introduced into the body. It is done over time. In this way, the outcome is very satisfactory.

    It also decreases the side effects and severity of withdrawal symptoms at the same time. The ultimate goal of detox and tapering are identical.

    What Happens After Detox?

    Detox is one of the most important steps that you have to go through to come back to your alcohol and drug-free life. But remember it is not the only step rater first. Medically supervised detoxification is best when you are inpatient.

    After completing detox, the drug addiction and rehabilitation center will make your next treatment plan.

    We always further evaluate the patients after detox and depending on their physical and mental health, we give the next treatment option. If you don’t step on the next treatment plan the detox step might not help you a bit.

    Are There Different Types of Detox?

    Detox is used only to describe the detoxification of intoxicants here. But detox means a lot more. There are many other kinds of detox processes. And all processes don’t involve removing alcohol or intoxicants only.

    The other processes work to remove any harmful element from the body. You know many other substances and elements are there other than alcohol or drug.

    There are many efficient and popular detox methods for the detoxification of harmful elements. Among them fasting, dietary supplements, drinking only juices, cleansing the colon, limiting environmental exposure are notable.

    Knowing do you need such a kind of detox is very important? We take this decision after examining you and we provide this support.

    Types of Treatment Programs

    When we think about the types of treatment programs then there has been some controversy between us and others. It’s very natural because the treatment plan between us and others might not be the same.

    We categorize the treatment programs as follows.


    It is the first step that we start the treatment plan. And everybody does this. Without clearing the drug substance from your body you cannot go through the treatment plan.

    Here we are not going to the details because you already know about it and its process. Let’s step on to the next.

    Residential or Inpatient Treatment Program

    The inpatient treatment program is better known as rehab. Undoubtedly it is the best option for everyone for coming back to their enjoyable life.

    When you stay in a drug addiction and rehabilitation center, all the responsibilities go to the authority. And the outcome percentage is very high in this treatment option.

    We have some misconceptions about the inpatient program. We all think each and every alcohol and drug abusers have to stay there for at least 6 months or more. But it’s always not true. It varies from person to person and depends on the severity of your addiction’s level.

    We also have 30 days treatment plan. If you will be categorized in this group we definitely give you hope to be cured within the period.

    When you are in a residential program we set your every day a disciplined life. If we can monitor you 24 hours then we can make a plan as you need.

    You can understand, the resident program means you get all supports from the institution. It is highly recommended for any kind of drug abuser.

    Outpatient Treatment Program

    When you don’t have been staying at the place of treatment then it is called outpatient treatment. By getting scheduled at the right time you can get treatment staying you home.

    It is an option but not for all. It depends on what kind of drug you have pushed into your body, your recent condition, the severity of your addiction level, and many more.

    This treatment option opportunity is frequently given to the opioid and heroin addiction people. In this case, the abuser will be supervised on regular basis and have to do drug detection tests frequently to see he/she is continuing the drug or not!

    An outpatient treatment option is also a good option only then when you are suitable for this. We advise you to not take the decision yourself if. The alcohol and drug abuser center will advise you if it will be suitable for you.

    You can assume the inpatient cost is higher than the outpatient treatment program. And of course, it is because the success rate of inpatient treatment options is much higher.

    How Does the Cost of Drug Detox?

    It varies to different rehabilitation centers but we always offer affordable cost to our patient that is standard and not a burden for you. It cannot be said particularly because the cost depends on many factors and we don’t know how many types of support you will need.

    We can assure you will must say we get very little than what we’ve given you. Of course, we do profit but the least amount. Giving you the best service is your first concern because our service is directly related to humanity.

    Can I Detox at Home?

    ‘’NO’’ is the best answer to this question.

    Let me explain.

    Detoxification at home is a good choice because you don’t have any idea what will be the consequences. Sometimes it can lead to very serious issues and then you need different kinds of medical support.

    Where do you get them at home? It can be fatal also. Yes, it can be. We monitor the patient 24 hours when the patient goes under the detoxification process. It is quite impossible when you are at home.

    Yes, you can detox at home only then when you have a complete medical setup, nurses, and sufficient health professionals. Inpatient detox is thousand times easier than managing this. Now think, which one is suitable for you?

    What’s the Best Way to Find a Drug Detox Center?

    In this modern era, finding a drug detox center is not a hard task. But searching for the Best Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Center is a bit difficult. In our opinion talking with the patient who had got the services of a drug detox center is the best way to find.

    He/she can give you the best idea about the institute where he was. But don’t forget to look at the following criteria that a good detox center should have.

    • Experienced health professional team.
    • Complete support.
    • Comfortable environment.
    • 24 hours medical facilities.
    • Suitable treatment option for every individual.
    • Inpatient and outpatient treatment plan.
    • Affordable cost.

    The Takeaway

    Living alone is not called living actually. We are social beings and that is why we should have to live together. But alcohol and drug keep us away from society and from the good people.

    Remember, entering into an addicted life is difficult but the more difficult is coming back to the previous life. That is why you have to choose the Best Mental & Drug Addiction Treatment Center which can welcome you to your non-addicted life in a better and comfortable way.

    Forget the past and learn to say NO to drugs.

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